Our Evolving Living Room

The Christmas come down has begun. I love decorating for the holidays but I am usually very ready for a clean slate. This year, that was especially the case. Our downstairs layout is basically one big great room, so I generally feel like a little bit of holiday decor goes a very long way as it’s visible throughout.

Earlier this year, our living room got a bit of an overhaul so I thought I’d do a little walk down memory lane at how the design has evolved over time. When we bought our current home three years ago, I was very inspired by Emily Henderson’s living room and kept it in mind as I made selections for our room. Yes, even designers use concept boards for personal use! Honestly, anytime I second guessed myself, I referenced Emily’s space and it became a way for me to validate decisions for our space.

Design by Emily Henderson

At the time I was super drawn to the look. It is traditional with the occasional modern line which is a good way of giving a traditional space longevity. I have always admired how Emily mixes styles so effortlessly and this inspiration photo is a perfect example of her skill. We also seem to be drawn to similar styles so I felt like this concept was applicable to my style as well.

I found a similar rug on Etsy at a really great price and layered in some classic blue and white. To be honest though, I don’t normally gravitate towards red. I did really try to think outside the box and tie in some shades of pink with the blue to avoid emphasizing the red. Eventually though, the traditional color scheme was hard for me to work around and my normal habit of a black and white palette was harder to incorporate.

Then we finally decided to give our fireplace a facelift and my dream of an emerald zellige tile fireplace wouldn’t have worked with the red jewel toned rug (and blues and black and white stripes). There was a lot to try to make look cohesive and I felt like I shouldn’t make a renovation decision based on a rug that really set the tone for the room in a way I didn’t love.

I like the rug, just not in the living room, so it made a new home in our boys’ bedroom and looks awesome in that space. This allowed me to sink my teeth into a color palette that felt more natural to me. A black and white Moroccan rug paired really nicely with the rich green fireplace and allows ample opportunity to layer in necessary textures for a cozy aesthetic.


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Kale and I are very inspired by our travels and we like to feel as if those experiences are woven into our home. This version of our living room definitely seems like a more authentic extension of our story, which is ultimately how I like to create a space.

Most of my favorite places I’ve ever visited have felt very bohemian and collected, and I love replicating some of those same feelings in our home. Moroccan tile, Indian blankets, carved Mexican wood pieces – they all have a story with meaning and look good together too!


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Throughout the month of January, I am going to break down some easy ways to elevate your space at different price points. Sometimes it’s as easy as a new rug and pillows or an art refresh. Or if we’re all stuck indoors a bit longer, maybe you’re feeling inspired to go the extra mile. Either way, be sure you’re signed up for the newsletter for my styling tips!



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