Chic Kitchen Decor

Kitchen styling is one of my favorite things to do. I really try to approach it from a place of function over form. The things you use may be purely decorative, but do they make sense styled in a place where function is so important? Could those wood bowls be pulled off the shelf and used in case someone brings over an unexpected dip? I realize that sounds ridiculous, but unexpected dips happen, ya’ll.

Obviously I am being a little silly, but the bottom line is that I try to avoid taking up precious counter real estate with things that aren’t really useful at the end of the day.

The other benefit to beautiful kitchen accessories is that you enjoy using them too! Why not make the routine of cooking dinner more enjoyable?

Carving out zones in your kitchen is also a good idea. A coffee station kept clean and simple because it’s where you start your day. Your go-to spices and oils left out for convenience, but maybe consider putting them in a beautiful container so they’re pleasing to look at. I also like keeping decorative items on an island grouped together on a tray. This keeps things from getting out of control, and also allows for it to be moved easily in case you need the extra counter space.

I have rounded up my favorite kitchen accessories for you! Warm tones and hints of brass really add some much needed warmth to all of the industrial components in your kitchen. I also added a few of my favorite cookbooks that get a lot of use at our home.

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