New Year, New Vision

The decorations are down and suddenly, your house looks pretty bare.

Traditionally, January has been a rough month for me. There is so much build up for Christmas, then in a flash, it’s over. The magic has been packed up for next year and we’re left picking up the pine needles. It’s also usually pretty nasty in Dallas, weather-wise. We don’t see cold temps until earlier in the year. So not only is it far less festive inside our homes, it’s pretty dreary outside too.

This year, I was ready for a fresh start. My natural inclination to clean out, organize and refresh seems to have kicked into high gear too. This is a perfect time to do those sorts of things in your home – new year, clean slate. So what are some easy things you can do and/or add to give your space a bit of a facelift? Let’s break it down.

First, I like a good de-clutter. One of my favorite tips is to take all of your accessories and put them in one area, like your dining table. Then rebuild your vignettes using your existing spaces in new ways. This forces you to revisit your existing items and hopefully see them in a new, fresher, light. The other benefit to this exercise is to PURGE items you don’t love, or have been storing but can’t seem to prioritize using. If your aunt gifted you a candlestick that has been collecting dust in a closet because it’s not your style or you’re not drawn to it – donate!

I often re-style clients homes as part of their design package and I always try to incorporate their sentimental pieces. To me, those personal items are critical to making a house feel like a home. However, a good vignette requires balance. Balancing color, scale and height are all details that I take into account. Sometimes only using your sentimental pieces is too limiting and your vignette will look off. This is when injecting a few simpler pieces to move the eye around and create some balance is important. Maybe its a simple vase for fresh stems or coffee table books to add height. A beautiful sculptural piece adds interest among framed family photos.

Create intention for your surfaces. Provide a basket for blankets or magazine storage and hooks to get clutter off the floor. Trays keep smaller items contained, like a candle with a pretty set of matches. Bowls are not only beautiful but make great catchalls for keys, which is why I always include them in landing areas, like an entry table. If you provide an opportunity for structure within your design, it will be that much easier to maintain. Form meeting function is the ultimate goal.

The most obvious opportunity to refresh is with your textiles. Truthfully, I think of throw blankets and pillows as seasonal items. Our summers are hot in Dallas, so I swap the thicker, chunky throw blankets for a lighter option. Pillows are another easy thing to switch out. Faux fur pillows provide amazing texture, but feel a bit wintery during summer months. Linens and lighter prints are welcome in those warmer seasons.

My final tip would be accent furniture. Often when I meet with new clients, they have all the ‘big’ pieces sorted out – a sofa, chairs and a coffee table. However, they can’t figure out where to go from there and need help pulling it all together. Don’t forget those smaller furniture pieces that add extra detail to take your space to the next level.

I put together New Year refresh looks at low, medium and high price points using the same ideas I outlined above. Yes, all of these ideas can be accomplished at any price point! There are absolutely items I find value in investing in, but often those investment pieces take time (both to find and to save for). I also find myself mixing high and low price points, which helps justify some of those investment pieces.

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you decide to purchase an item. It does not change the price of the item.


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In my opinion, higher end accessories or furnishings really show their value in the materials and details. For instance, it isn’t worth it to spend $400 on a simple, round brass tray. Splurge wisely on things that have a unique quality to them or luxurious finish. I also find value in splurging on classic pieces, like the Eames Hang it All. It is sculptural, timeless and functional and worth the investment.


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I hope you’re inspired to re-imagine your interior styling. If you put any of these ideas to work, take a photo of your refreshed spaces and be sure to tag me in your post at @gildedheights!



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