A Handsome Living Room

Did you know that I offer a variety of services that can be tailored to your specific project needs?

Sure, I can absolutely do ‘full service’ projects. Meaning, from start to finish, I handle all selections, procurement, logistics and install. We’ll start with schematic design where you’re presented with a digital concept for direction. After any comments are implemented, you’ll receive a more robust presentation with specific selections proposed. Along with this, comes an itemized budget with estimates for receiving and installation. Clients are in the loop as much as they’d like to be and I take care of all the nitty-gritty details.

I also offer a digital design service. It is a pretty flexible way for clients to get some professional design help and also save some money by doing the procurement themselves. You’ll still get a schematic package, and a more detailed package with selections. With this option though, your budget has links so that you can purchase the exact pieces yourself. Clients almost always have me come back and finish that ‘last layer’ of accessories and styling, so nothing changes there!

Below is an example of a hybrid of the two. I proposed a general direction and provided him with sources to do the purchasing himself. At the end of the day, he opted to hand me the reins and get it all done for him.

He wanted a handsome space that felt sophisticated but comfortable. Because of the Spanish feel of the existing architecture, I wanted to bring in some finishes that felt appropriate to that – like the wood tones, wrought iron cabinet and the cowhide rug. The cabinet also had the added benefit of mimicking some of the arched doorways in the space. To give it a cool vibe, we brought in some more modern touches like the marble table lamp.

My hope and intention is that every project installs without a hitch. However, with interior design, there are so many moving parts and people involved in the process, it would be unrealistic to assume there won’t be a speed bump along the way. In this case, delivery times were a real beast. 2020 has been the year of shipping nightmares. I think this is partly due to COVID, but also partly due to demand. More people are home more often and as a result, turning their attention towards their homes.

All that to say, patience paid off and a dated, sparse Living Room is now a warm, tailored place to entertain. I made a few trips back to accessorize and style, which is always my favorite part.

Getting to know clients and seeing their spaces helps me when selecting pieces for their home. Sometimes those pieces have an obvious appeal to them for a specific project, and other times I like something because it just supports the overall desired aesthetic. It helps when clients trust the process and allow me to have creative license to bring the concept to fruition.

If you would love the look for yourself, you can shop the links below! And don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to chat about a project in your home.


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XO, Aubrey

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