Long Time, No Talk!

Hey Strangers! How the heck are ya? While things have been quite busy on the client side of Gilded Heights, the website and blog have been victims of severe neglect. Yikes! So, I’m on a mission to get some things updated and post pictures and more content.

It’s been over a year since GH has been fully up and running. Has it been what I expected? Yes and no. It’s absolutely glorious to work intimately with clients and their personal spaces and see the instant gratification first hand. Nothing makes me happier than to be there on a delivery day and see how pleased they are when a space starts to transform.

On the other hand, GH has become more of a full-fledged interior design service rather than an online boutique and digital design consultant. Which is ok by me! I still thoroughly enjoy sourcing antiques and vintage treasures, so inevitably, that aspect will always be available. Often times, those found pieces end up on a client’s shelf or entry table before they hit the Etsy shop.

As I am quickly learning, working for yourself and owning a business requires you to be flexible. Each client and project is different, which makes the process that much more interesting. I also appreciate the personal touch it allows me to have with each client. My work is tailored to their needs, which is exactly how it should be.

So what have I been up to? Well, let me break it down!

  • Since last July, I’ve worked with (and are continuing to work with) 10 clients on their homes, 1 rental ‘flip’ and 1 office space.
  • 7 of those client projects are renovations which include 5 kitchens, 4 master bathrooms and 2 guest bathrooms.
  • The remaining projects are furniture and decor based. Usually taking their existing space and some of their existing furniture pieces and working in new to make the whole space feel updated and pulled together. This includes 3 living rooms, 2 master bedrooms, 2 dining rooms and 2 nurseries!
  • And yes, we’re still importing tile from Morocco. The first thousand square feet sold out and we have another batch coming in September. This time, we will have 4 different styles (including a GREY!). So keep an eye out for that.

Personally, some things have changed on the home from too. Baby Nola is 13 months and so much fun. Her nursery, and the entire house really, have adapted to fit her needs. Baby Lady is on the move! Childproofing in a safe way, yet still stylish, will be a post all on it’s own. And, I’m working on another nursery.. Baby Butcher #2! A boy, due this October.

To answer all of the typical questions – Yes, they’ll be close together in age (15 months). No, not an accident (I get asked that a lot). No, we’re not moving and they aren’t sharing a room. And yes, I know I’ll be busy (people like to remind me of that too, haha). But what Virgo doesn’t love a good multi-tasking challenge? I’ll cover nursery details and scheme next week. Designing a boy’s room was SO fun.

One of my favorite projects this year has been a surprise nursery for a sweet family. Mom and dad didn’t want to know the gender, but mom had specific nursery goals. So, we put a lock on the door and I was the gender-secret-keeper and went to work on a Baby Girl’s nursery. Professional pictures are still to come, but here is a fun sneak peek:


So much more to come!

XO – Aubrey

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