Welcome to Gilded Heights!

Gilded Heights has been a long time coming. My love of eclectic, vintage treasures and beautiful spaces goes back a long way. A part of me always knew I’d end up putting this passion into a business, but I’m glad I took the route that I did. After almost 10 years as an interior designer in the hospitality industry and with a baby on the way, now seemed like as good a time as ever.

Gilded Heights is a combination of several things. First, it’s a blog with design ideas and personal happenings. After all, inspiration tends to come from life events and experiences. Gilded Heights is also a place to shop curated home decor items from our various travels. Lastly, it’s a design consultant service.

I am a firm believer in the collected home. Your space should feel curated and unique rather than ‘shopped’ out of a catalog. Gilded Heights can guide you through this process through the blog, shop or design services – hopefully, all three.

We hope you visit often! Come back for weekly blog posts and ever changing inventory. And of course, personal  design help is only a click away.

XO – Aubrey

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