Aesthetically Pleasing Candles

At a recent photoshoot of a client’s finished home, I found myself rummaging through her cabinets for candles. It was definitely a non-essential detail for the type of photos being taken, but I went there nonetheless. Her options weren’t bad necessarily, they just didn’t really fit the aesthetic of their home. We made it work by turning a few around so the labels didn’t interfere with the photos. A few days later though, she later messaged me suggesting a blog post of aesthetically pleasing candle options.

DUH. This is brilliant.

I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before. Bad candles are a real issue you guys. I can’t tell you how many homes I go into to style and end up making a pile of Home Goods candles on their island in hopes they find their way to the trash can.

For one, Sea Breeze candles don’t smell good. Even the ones with seashells tied to the top. Sorry, it’s true. Also, the labels are awful. To be honest, investing in one or two GOOD candles is so much better (and better looking) than having a cheap $7 version on every flat surface.

Not to mention, scent in a house is so important and certainly under valued. A guest experience can definitely hinder on whether or not your home smells memorable in a good or bad way. Personally, I lean towards more woodsy, herbal scents. Having grown up going to a Catholic school, there is something about the smell of Sandalwood and Frankencense that feels comforting to me. It can even change seasonally! During the winter months, I lean towards crisp pine and citrus.

I rounded up some favorite candles of mine, and a few necessary accessories too. Candles have become a ritualistic thing for me, and making the moment feel special with beautiful and functional items takes it up a notch.

My absolute favorite candle is from Diptyque. They’re an investment but SO GOOD. I specifically love the Feu de Bois scent which is reminiscent of a campfire. Weird, I know, but this version feels cleaner and doesn’t make you have to throw your clothes away after enjoying it. A close second is the Slow Burn candle which is a collaboration between Boy Smells and Kacey Musgraves. The pretty mauve candle is almost as good as the seductive scent. Perfect for a bathroom, or in our case, our Primary Bedroom.

I currently have both the Neroli and Havana candles downstairs. I burn one depending on where we’re congregating. Both burn clean and the smell lingers which is lovely. Neither are overpowering though which is a nice plus!

Not only is scent important, but I like a good label too. The more graphic, the better. I think it gives your vignettes an interesting look. The warm copper glass of the Botanica candle is an exception. The rich hue looks good just about anywhere. Speaking of Botanica, their incense is my favorite to burn. I have a pretty incense holder I got in India and one stick of the Botanica will make the house smell beautiful for at least a day. It is more pungent though, so I game plan accordingly since not everyone enjoys the intensity of incense.

It’s also important to keep those wicks trimmed to keep candles from getting smoky! Wick trimmers and snuffers look pretty styled just about anywhere too. I especially love this cheeky one from Etsy.

Giving candles as gifts used to be an easy out – remember the Saturday Night Live skit with the regifted peach candle? It’s a classic. However, a fabulous candle with a set of pretty matches and a snuffer? That’s a gift worth giving, just saying.

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XO, Aubrey


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