Faux Plants That Will Fool You

I’m the first to admit that nothing beats the real thing. However, sometimes an area needs a plant but sunlight isn’t ideal. Or maybe, a client isn’t confident about their ability to keep something alive. Luckily, when that happens, there are a handful of faux alternatives that are the next best thing to the real deal.

Photo by Kristen Dee

Another good place for a faux plant is on higher shelves. For starters, they’re high enough that people can’t spot the plastic stems that often give away a fake plant. It also allows some greenery to be mixed in, which adds color and texture, without the maintenance of a real plant.

I don’t just look for realistic stems when sourcing faux greens, there are several other factors to keep in mind. Are the leaves malleable? Most real leaves will turn to face the sun, so if you can twist and turn the leaves on a fake plant to do the same, it makes it more convincing. Sometimes if the leaves are too shiny, it’s a dead giveaway as well. I also look for a little moss or something at the base of the trunk, covering how it attaches to the pot.

It also boils down to the plant species. Some plant species just translate better in a faux replica. This seems to be most true for succulents.

Photo by Kelly Christine

Another option is preserved plants. These are plants that were once alive that have been preserved for longevity. There is a special preservation process that allows their aesthetic, freshness and scent for many years without water or sunlight. These tend to be more expensive, but are worth it for their beautiful texture.

Photo by Kelly Christine

For a round up of my favorite faux plants, see below!

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