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I just finished back to back weeks of installs. It’s sort of nice scheduling them like that because I can get in the mindset for them and really sink my teeth in. I start by setting a budget with the client for accessories based on the look we’re going for and what it is I am styling. For instance, bookcases require more objects and items than a fireplace mantle. After the budget is approved, I start procuring, which is the fun part. I have a decent inventory of things I’ve purchased during my #thriftstorethursdays but inevitably, I want to fill out the decor with things that feel specific to a project.

The other thing I think people don’t realize, is that newer items are just as critical to creating a well curated space. Quieter, simpler forms and pieces often help focus the attention towards the more unique pieces rather than just overwhelming the room. It’s all a balance.

I have a few items always in my styling closet that I gravitate towards time and time again. So I will admit, there is a method to the madness. Today, I am spilling the styling beans and sharing some of my ‘must-haves’ with you.

A great catch all is not only beautiful in any vignette, but also super functional too. I generally like placing them in an entryway or coffee table – anywhere where things can accumulate. The paper mache bowl has a really beautiful depth to it. They come in all sizes, some more textured than others, but they seem to hold their own in both traditional and modern spaces.

Sculptural items add a lot of texture and can make an instant statement. On their own or stacked on coffee table books, they can be versatile tools to have. The chain link has been around the block a few times, but I like how organic it is. I’ve also been buying clay knots from a maker on Etsy and I love how soft the forms are. They too blend so well with both modern and traditional spaces. Honestly, they’re just so dang cute.

Easels are always good to have. They instantly elevate a collection of framed photos or add a layer by displaying a piece of small art. If your bookshelf is falling flat, add an easel with a cool painted canvas. I have a few that I like because some work better for thicker frames than others. But all of them are great options.

Trays are a designer’s secret weapon. They can take any cluttered space and make it look chic by containing your items ¬†stylishly. These are a perfect addition to your kitchen counters or bathrooms. I also like to use one on upholstered ottomans, because let’s face it – we don’t want to admit to eating dinner on our sofas but inevitably you will at some point! Wicker is a great way to add texture so wicker trays are a no brainer. I am a big fan of a simple brass version too.

Coffee table books are the ultimate must have. They add height and interest to your tables capes. It’s also a wonderful way to add personality to your space and help tell your story. Collect books that speak to you and showcase your interests. It also doesn’t hurt to mix in a few books with just downright inspiring spreads. So to that point, I’ve added my absolutely favorite picks.

For other styling must-haves, you can shop the links below. Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram for weekly thrifting adventures and on Like To Know It for roundups of my favorite things.

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